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Top 50 Blogs by Social Work Professionals

One of the most rewarding and interested career fields is social work. You have an opportunity to understand people, and help them, every single day. If you have a Masters in Social Work, you can do even more, specializing in certain areas. For those who are interested in learning more about social work, here are 50 blogs by social work professionals:

These are blogs written by professors teaching social work, as well as written by students studying to become social work professionals. These blogs offer plenty of insight.
  1. School of Social Work Blogs: The University of Michigan has a School of Social Work, and offers updates on happenings, career tips and more.
  2. Prin’s Links for Social Work Students: Insights on life, as well as information that social work students would find helpful.
  3. Antisocial Social Worker: This recent social work grad has interesting things to say about life and life after school.
  4. The Nudge Patrol: Read the thoughts of a student working toward a Masters of Social Work.
  5. Social Work Career Transition: A fascinating look at life from a marketing professional working toward a degree in social work.
  6. Michigan Girl’s Cafe: This grad student at UM offers insight into social work and being a student.
  7. Living Proof Podcast Series: A podcast on social work from the University at Buffalo.

Professional Organizations, Industry News and Career

You can read about what is happening with the social work industry, as well as read the blogs of professional organizations.
  1. Social Workers Speak: The blog of the National Association of Social Workers. News, opinions and more.
  2. Social Work Programs: Postings about scholarships, jobs, and also posts about dealing with problems.
  3. Social Work Library @ Boston College: Get news, headlines and interesting notes on social work and social issues.
  4. The Social Work Blog: A look at the challenges for Britain’s social workers, as well as a look at working conditions and career.
  5. The New Social Worker: An online blog magazine focusing on careers in social work.
  6. Social Work Test Prep: If you are looking for help as you study for a social work test, this blog can be a good resource.
  7. workingsocially.com: Looks at careers, business and more.

Child Welfare

Find out what it’s like to help children who need someone to be on their side.
  1. The Life of a Social Worker: This blog is written by a forensic social work that works as a child and adolescent sexual abuse counselor.
  2. SocialWrkr 24/7: Eyes Opened Wider: Interesting thoughts and observations from someone who works primarily in child welfare and in mental health.
  3. Social Worker in the South: Child welfare social worker sharing life interests.
  4. Social Worker – That’s so messed up: Follow the cases of this child welfare social worker trying to help.
  5. Confessions of a Young (Looking) Social Worker: This pediatric social worker has also worked as a child and teen bereavement specialist.

Family Counseling, Aging, and Abusive Relationships

Work with families to help them sort out their problems, or help them work through grief and other issues. Also includes social workers who focus on helping those in abusive relationships.
  1. CJ Social Worker: This blog focuses a great deal on efforts to help battered women.
  2. SocialJerk: This family social worker shares insights in a rather irreverent — and sometimes funny — way.
  3. “Hold my hand” A social worker’s blog: This clinical social worker has spent a great deal of time working in nursing homes with the aging.
  4. St. Christopher’s Blog: Malcolm Payne: A blog about the importance of social work during end-of-life care.
  5. “Man to Man” Grief Room Blog Spot: Meant to help males deal with their grief.
  6. Social Worked: This social worker focuses on protective services for seniors.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health counselors help others work through their issues, and help them find hope, working to a healthier mental state.
  1. Fighting Monsters: This social worker specializes in mental health.
  2. Mel’s Skim Cap: Get interesting insights on mental health and social work, among other subjects.
  3. Hi how are you?: This clinical social worker is involved in community mental health.
  4. Markham’s Behavioral Health: Focuses on mental health, as well as on substance abuse.
  5. Going Mental: A mental health worker with sympathy for clients.
  6. The Mental Health Social Worker: You can find interesting information on mental health and social work.
  7. The Masked AMHP: Community mental health worker offering insights on life and social work.
  8. Notes from the Couch: This licensed clinical social worker helps people with anxiety and depression.

Health Care, Public Health, Policy and Clinical

There are also social workers involved in health care and in clinical settings. Find out more about what these folks do.
  1. Kmareka.com: Learn more about the system, general health and even child protection and health.
  2. Brandice.net: This clinical social worker shares thoughts about life and the world in general.
  3. Classroom to Capitol: An interesting blog about public policy, as well as including information on how you can be effective as a community advocate.
  4. The Social Work Podcast: Looks at different aspects of social work, including clinical, as well as policy related to social work.
  5. This Is Me: A licensed clinical social worker who shares thoughts on life and feelings.
  6. Social Worker’s View: A blog dealing with different aspects of social work, from policy and public health to family relationships and the environment, in Kenya.
  7. Nechakogal’s Blog: Addresses policy and social work.
  8. WALL – a social worker’s blog: Looks at social work and social policy.

General Social Work

These are blogs that are not so easy to categorize, but deal with social work.
  1. Awake and Dreaming: The thoughts of a social worker fighting for social justice.
  2. Functional Assessment: A great blog about social work, written by a humanist.
  3. Everyone Needs Therapy: Ideas, thoughts and information from a social work perspective.
  4. Diary of a Social Worker: Follow the ups and downs of this social worker’s profession.
  5. Live Wise.: Reflections of a social worker.
  6. Trench Warfare Too: A look at life and musings on society and social work.
  7. Social Worker Mom: Insights on life, social work and stress.
  8. A Case Manager’s Verse: Learn more about life on the job as a social worker.
  9. Do No Harm: A social worker from Singapore shares experiences.

What you should know about the Importance of Advanced Directives & You’re Right to Decide

By: Jennifer Greene (Little Ms. Quirky Social Worker)

When we reach a certain point in our life, we become more intone to the changes that occur within our mind and body. You might notice that you can’t physically do some of the things you used to enjoy doing or you might have reoccurring health related issues that are preventing you from enjoying life to your fullest. During this period of time you may be facing some important decisions that need to be made and the prospect of hiring home care services.
Making your wishes known to your family and loved ones should always be the first priority when planning for long-term care. Advanced directives,
also referred to as a health care directive,  consist of any number of documents (legal or otherwise) that can let family or other loved ones know what your wishes happen to be. You put your wishes in writing and name a health care agent, someone who will make decisions for you if you are unable. If you are suddenly unable to speak for yourself, due to a stroke, mental incapacity, or other reason, this health care directive guides your doctors and those caring for you to carry out your wishes for health care treatment.

It is important for each of us to be proactive. Never assume that your loved ones know what you might like. Even if they assume to know what you want, they might not be able to convince hospital staff or legal staff that those are your actual wishes!  Having an Advance Directive takes the guess work out of the equation and allows your selected health care agent to have all the pertinent information he/she might need in one place. Only you have the power to decide and select a power of attorney that would be able to write checks, pay bills, and make financial decisions on your behalf. You could also choose a medical power of attorney that would be able to make medical decisions on your behalf, in your best interest.

Think on this for a moment. If you were to become disabled today, would anyone know what bills you may have, where to find financial information, or what you want done with your house, car, or other possessions? If you were alive but unable to communicate, this could leave your loved ones scrambling to find answers, sort through all of your paperwork, and still unable to do what is necessary to protect your assets for you. A living will can contain valuable information about your wishes with regard to not only your finances but also your health care.

When it comes to in home health care services, advanced directives can help explain the various services that you may approve or not want in the event that you are unable to communicate them to those around you in the future. It will address issues such as end of life support, organ donation and other topics.

If you are considering home care services, contact Abounding Home Care today to see how we can help you and your family today.

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